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ISConline was developed by, and in partnership with, Dr. Laurie Mueller/Impact Writing Solutions, LLC. Questions about course content, course enrollment issues, or other technical issues can be directed to her. Please also visit the 'How to Enroll' tab at the left of the page to answer many frequently asked questions about signing up.

NOTE: when you pay by credit card it will read 'IWSonlineEd' on your statement next to your charges.

Dr. Laurie can be reached at the following contacts:
eMail:   Cell:  309-791-2421

"""Laurie Mueller, BA, DC, CFMP: Dr. Laurie served in private practice in San Diego, California. She was the post-graduate director at Palmer College from 2000-2010; served as the ACC Post Graduate subcommittee chair for 6 years; and peer reviewed for the Research Agenda Conference. She currently works as a private eLearning consultant with a focus on healthcare topics and functional medicine through her company, Impact Writing Solutions LLC and is the creator of CCCAonline, FxMedOnline and various state association sites. She is a clinician, an educator and an expert in online educational pedagogy and has been a pioneer in the efforts to create quality CCCA programming and increase standards of excellence in chiropractic to include CA's. Dr. Mueller welcomes questions and inquiries.