Please Review the  General  Policies  Surrounding ICSonline Coursework

Course Access: You must have a computer and internet access to complete programming.  We suggest a desktop windows computer or desktop mac. Note that some activities utilize 'flash-based' programming and therefor may not be accessible from mobile devices or accessible from a mac without a flash converter. You will have access to your enrolled coursework 24/7 barring select short maintenance downtimes. After completing each course, or module, you will have access to that course or module for an additional 30 days for review. After that time course access will expire.

CE Credits: CE credits are available for licensees in the State of Iowa. If you are from another state, please consider visiting FxMedOnline.myicourse.com for functional medicine courses for DC's, and CCCAonline.com for chiropractic assistant programming.

Audits: We know that each biennium random licensees may be selected by the board for audit. Please keep course materials, such as the certificate of completion, on file for four years. If you require additional information for an audit, such as an instructor biography etc, during the audit please don't hesitate to contact Dr. Mueller for assistance.

Online Learning Ethics: Ethics for online learning are very similar to ethics in the classroom. When you engage online you should:

a. Always do your own work and do not represent someone elses work as your own.
b. Focus on your course (do not have multiple other windows open that can distract your studies).
c. Engage in each learning activity, without 'skimming pages' or cutting presentations short. You will shortcut your own learning and retention.
d. Treat your instructors and fellow classmates with respect and courtesy.
e. Exhibit professional behavior at all times.

Payments: Payment for the course/s should be secured via online Paypal using a credit card during the enrollment process. If you prefer to mail in a check for the course/s, you may do so and access to the course will be granted when the check is received. There is an additional $15 charge for this service. (If you mail in more than one course registration at one time, only one $15 fee is required). Take the  cost of the course/s and add the $15 manual service fee. Use the form from the  'enroll new user' screen, print the blanks, after you fill in the information please mail the completed form and check or money order to:

Impact Writing Solutions, LLC
17128 Rt. 84 North
East Moline IL,  61244

Checks can be made payable to 'Impact Writing'. Please put 'ICSonline' in the memo area. We will email you your course access information once processed.

Refunds: ICSonline.com has a 'No Refund' policy.  We are unable to 're-register' or 'cancel' registrations. If you do not access your course within 3 months of purchase, you will be assumed to have abandoned your course and the course may expire.

Thank you!